About the Artist

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If light is in your heart you will find your way home. ~ Rumi

Hi, I am Jodi Lynn Buckles. I am a Mother and Wife first and foremost; I am also a Daughter, Teacher and Photographer. My love affair with photography bloomed when I began documenting my growing family after the birth of our second son eight years ago. I wanted to capture his life unfolding…the laughter, the joy, the love, the fear, and everything in between. I had dabbled in film photography in college and was instantly mesmerized again. A few years later I realized photography was something I felt a calling towards, something that truly felt like home. A tremendous gift I felt impelled to share with the world.

I have spent the last three years learning all I can about photography and shooting every chance I get and partaking in a 365 Days Project where I shoot my own little family everyday. What I love best is that the creative learning process never ends and that photography is now a part of who I am, a part of how I express myself and share my gifts. I constantly challenge myself to grow as an Artist and find the true magic. I have always loved photographs…..their inherent way of intimately freezing a moment in time. I want to document those moments for your family that showcase who you are, your love for one another and all that you have overcome. Your truth, your faith, your pain, your joy…….those real, raw, tangible moments that are uniquely yours. I work to provide authentic, emotive, joyful and timeless heirlooms…images you will cherish that will stand the test of time and truly tell your true story.

I am always seeking that light….

xo ♥ Jodi

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