A Golden September Night with the Topf Family {Sonoma County/Santa Rosa Family Photographer}

This love is stronger, than the blood that beats my heart

This love is deeper, than the pain of all these scars

This love goes farther, than the hope in answer’s arm

This love is stronger, it’s strong enough for me

~ Dominic Balli

This was one of those sessions that I absolutely could not wait to edit; what an amazing memory capturing this beautiful family’s true love and joy. I have always thought that I would do anything to make this sacred time with my children while they are little slow down just a little. And, I am always incredibly humbled when families ask me to document this fleeting time. Having some tangible memories to look back at it and cherish…..to see you, as you are, is such a tremendous gift. This gorgeous Mama was a dream to style with and all the details came together beautifully. It was a magical, golden early fall evening in Sonoma County with them….playing in the grasses, the trees blowing in the wind, the birds flying in the sky and the sun shining its golden light on this blessed family.

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