Kapri and Becki | A Story of Hope {Sonoma County Mama + Me Session/Sonoma County Family Photographer}

Out of difficulties grow miracles. ~ Jean de la Breyere

I have known sweet Kapri and her family since she was born and was overjoyed when I learned she would be in my Kindergarten class. But, that summer before Kindergarten started, a year ago this past summer, Kapri and her family’s lives changed in the blink of an eye when she had a seizure, and was rushed to a life-saving surgery to remove a brain tumor. Becki, Shawn and their beautiful three daughters have always captivated me with their beauty, independence, accomplishments, many talents and kindness. This family was lifted up and supported by an AMAZING community of family and friends who pulled them through. This past year was spent with Kapri fighting brain cancer and living at St. Jude’s while she underwent treatment and therapies. Becki is an incredible, strong woman and Mother and I can only imagine having the courage and strength she has had….she is my hero. Kapri is now in remission and it truly is a miracle…..this little girl represents hope for so many who are fighting that long, hard fight. Throughout the whole process, in every picture, story or post I saw of Kapri, she still had that twinkle in her eye that shines from the heart. To honor Childhood Cancer Awareness month this past September and the Gold Hope Project, which preserves memories for children with childhood cancers, I am was honored to help these two relish in a few moments of love, hope, and beauty. And the sun shone GOLD for us in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness and I am just feeling so grateful for this session that meant so much to me. Keep fighting baby girl, you continue to amaze me. And Becki, you have no idea the message of strength and grace you have taught so many of us.

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