A Motherhood Story on the Farm {Sonoma County + Marin County Lifestyle Family Photographer}

Let us dance in the sun and wear wild flowers in our hair, let us huddle together as darkness takes over. ~ Susan Polis Schutz

Capturing this beautiful Motherhood Story on the farm completely stole my heart, moved me and reminded me how precious this fleeting time is. These sweet girls danced in the sun, explored and played, picking apples and eating pluots, until the sun set on this magical summer evening. Sessions like this where the magic and beauty of childhood are so poignant are pure food for my soul. These Motherhood Stories are quickly becoming my favorite thing to capture, they tell such a story of hope, love and beauty. Thanks for such a perfect memory Valorie, this one was so close to my heart.

A special thank you to ETC Designs for hosting us at her beautiful West County Sebastopol farm and for the lovely florals. Hair and Makeup by Yndia George at Daredevils + Queens Salon.


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