The Sweetest Friends at the Sonoma Coast | Callahan Quinn’s Fifth Birthday { Sonoma County/Bodega Bay Children’s Photographer}

Be with those who help your being…..

These beautiful five girlies have been friends since birth and every late summer we gather to photograph their joy. It has been an amazing way to document my daughter and create cherished keepsakes with her friends. And this year was no exception. It truly was a magical day out at the Sonoma Coast….the girls ran and played, endless twirls and laughter. And, their outfits from Lacey Lane were pretty much the icing on the cake.

I still cannot believe our daughter is five….five whole years we have been blessed with her. She is truly one of my most favorite people…carefree, kind, funny, joyous and that perfect mix of sugar and spice. Five whole years of being blessed to be her Mommy. How did I ever get so lucky?

And these friendships, they are pure gold.

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