A Letter to my Son for your Sixth Birthday

Dear Cooper,

I melt when I think of what a Peaceful Warrior you are….you have brought so much joy and love to our family and our lives. I hope you never lose that sweet disposition, that raspy voice, the sparkle in your eyes and that fierce determination. As you are getting older, I can feel how the world sometimes weighs on your shoulders son. Please stand tall, be confident, know that you were born into this universe with purpose……with meaning. Sometimes I just want to wrap you up in my arms and hold you close and tell you it is all going to be alright. You are such a strong, bright, creative, kind, wonderful boy and I feel so very honored to be your Mama. I often wonder how I got so darn lucky. I encourage you to find your bliss and what moves you in this world…find a way to give back and most importantly, to shine. You have so many gifts….I love watching you with your artwork and on the ball field. I have never seen a child so adept at succeeding in every sport you try….you truly are one tough, determined child. The other day you said to me a list of things you wanted to do this summer and I am going to make sure we accomplish each and every one of them. You said you want to learn to tie your shoes, read, ride a bike, snap and whistle. One down on that bike….four more to go. I love watching you with your brother and sister….you care for them so much, you are so lucky to have them. And them, you. I hope in my heart that you and Kolby always keep that special relationship you have, it is an incredible honor for me to see and witness. I always wanted a sister and you have no idea how lucky you two are to have one another…sometimes I feel like you finish one another’s sentences….such a special, real bond. Remember, he will always be there for you, so never feel alone, he’s there and is your biggest fan. Cooper James, I cannot believe you are SIX….I still remember when the doctors put you in my arms after that fast and furious labor and you just looked up at me, my little Peaceful Warrior, I knew it then. Continue to carry your spirit with you wherever you go and don’t lose the magic. I am so proud of you son……you mean the world to me. I love that we captured this milestone……

“I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
A long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be”

I love you to infinity Cooper James, my Super Cooper.


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