Goodbye 2014: Highlights from my 365 Days Project……{Sonoma County Child & Family Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer}

A new year, a new perspective…..

2014 was a year of highs and lows….a year of hope, hard work, learning and many adventures. A year full of so many memories watching my children grow, mature, discover, wander and most of all, love. As this past year closes and a new year is upon us, I am so very grateful for this 365 Days project I took on…. capturing a moment a day of my loves, telling our story. Although I missed days here and there, I am proud that I stuck it out and I now have these precious keepsakes to cherish.

I watched my oldest cross a threshold from little boy to almost a young man and discover some unknown strengths, all the while displaying such determination and grace. He hit his first All Star game home run which was a true highlight. More than anything, he consistently displays compassion, love and brotherhood like no other. I watched a six year old become a seven year old and gracefully accept new challenges and embrace new beginnings….learn to read, kindle a newfound love of fencing, excel at soccer and begin a promising and exciting path in modeling. He will forever be my baby boy. And, my sweet girl, my dream come true, went from having those round cheeks and that toddler glow to entering the magical world of girlhood and all things sparkly, with such strong fierceness and independence. I am forever grateful for the pure joy she has brought out in me and really, all of us. These three humble me daily and truly are my muses…I feel so lucky to be their Mama.

Most of all, I watched these three love one another so strongly, jump into new adventures and surround me with so much inspiration and hope, that I must believe in something so much higher than me, and that they truly are the reason I was put on this earth. So, here is a little glimpse into our 2014 and a slideshow highlighting some of my 365 Days project favorites…..thanks for sharing in our adventures. Thanks for all the support I received this past year, you all kept me going and continue to inspire me.

Happy New Year to each of you, may 2015 bring you incredible joy! xo Jodi



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