Encouraging Soulful &
Genuine Connection

Posing, Styling + Editing

Encouraging Soulful and Genuine Connection through Posing, Styling + Editing: Jodi will take you behind the scenes as she captures a family of five with young children in the rolling California hills. Filled with storytelling, movement and true connection, she will share how she encourages a meaningful session experience while bringing beauty and love to her sessions. You will hear how she prompts her subjects to evoke true emotion and create unforgettable moments.

Jodi will share her thought process during the session from utilizing composition in nature to intentional posing to give you a full experience! She will also touch on fluid styling to create mood, add texture and layering and evoke dreamy movement in imagery. Lastly she will review the imagery she captured during the shoot with you emphasizing the prompting, styling, intent and edit a handyo of Inages with you. Learn how to capture images that not only showcase each unique family, but bring purpose and meaning to you too.


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